The current coronavirus crisis is a difficult time for all of us. We want you, our fans and your loved ones, to be informed about the coronavirus and what you can do to protect yourself and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’ve collected a few resources below and attached a form through which you can let us know how we can help during these challenging times.

What is the What If show doing in this crisis?

What If is a science show with more than 17 million followers across all platforms.

  • Every episode we create that covers COVID-19 is researched with extra caution by our team of researchers.
  • Then, our producers write and produce the video.
  • The episode is fact-checked one more time.
  • As a final step, our Editorial Responsibility team watches the video to make sure it represents the latest scientific consensus.

We will also be hosting a live show to raise funds for one or more organizations that are working hard in the battle against COVID-19. More information on this will be available soon.

Scientists in numerous fields are working hard to understand the new coronavirus better, and hopefully, find a cure for COVID-19. This means that the information we had at the time of writing a video might become outdated as new evidence emerges over time. We’ll review our archive and add comments and corrections in video descriptions where necessary on a regular basis.

  • Our mission at What If is and has always been to educate the world on science. We strive to simplify complex ideas and tell them in a fun and engaging way. With new research done on COVID-19 every day, we do our best to shed light on the most progressive and important news on the virus.
  • We are also making it our mission to continue producing our usual episodes about the cosmos, Earth and the human body. We want to help you leave your troubles behind and dive into the worlds of unimaginable possibilities with us.

Where can you find the latest scientific research conducted on the coronavirus?

The most up-to-date research on the virus and the development of a vaccine can be found on the WHO website. You may also want to check out LitCovid, a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel coronavirus. As a part of our social responsibility, we always link source articles under every episode. Check out our first comment on Facebook and the description box on YouTube.

What are we doing, as a company?

More than 40 people around the world produce this show. From Canada and the U.S. to Italy and Colombia, we are all working together to take you on a journey of the impossible. To help prevent the spread of the virus, we decided to temporarily close our office in Toronto, Canada. Since March 13th, we have all been social distancing and working from home.


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