Eagles can spot their prey from almost two kilometers (1.24 miles) away and can see what a mouse is doing on the ground from over ten stories in the air. If humans had eagle eyesight, people would see five times better. Imagine standing on top of the CN Tower and seeing what your friends were doing on the ground. You would see more shades and colors and you’d be able to see in the dark! But your eyes would be huge, filling up half of your head!

Moths can hear sounds that no other animal can hear. Moths use their amazing hearing to track and escape from bats that are trying to catch and eat them. If humans had moth hearing, you would hear whispered conversations from different floors of a building. And ear plugs will be your new best friend. Your hearing would be so sensitive that the sound of a lawn mower would be unbearable. And forget ever going to the movies again.

Star-nosed moles dig through soft soil and use their noses to guide them. Not by smell – by touch. Star-nosed moles use their noses to touch 10-15 items at the same time. If humans had skin as sensitive as a star-nosed mole, you would have five times as many touch receptors. You’d be able to feel everything and even move around in the dark. But you would need to be very careful. Bumping into a sharp corner, touching a hot oven, or touching an ice cube would feel unbearable to your sensitive skin.

What if you could have all of these superpowers? Find out with Cosmo!

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