What has long been explored in science-fiction as well as prophesied as the next step in the evolution of human beings by “Singularity” proponents like Ray Kurzweil is now not only predicted as an eventuality… it’s already happening!

In fact you could argue with things like pacemakers and prosthetics, we have been meeting the technical definition of “cyborg” for years which essentially just means the enhancement of human capabilities but the integration of mechanical elements built into our biology.

But We are joined by someone who has taken things a step further – Neil Harbission is the President of the “Cyborg Foundation” which exists to help people become cyborgs…and one of the world’s first officially recognized “cyborgs.”

We talk AS (artificial senses) vs. AI (artificial intelligence) and why he believes he and others like him are “collaborating with God.”

Join hosts Richard Garner and Teddy Wilson with some of the world’s top thinkers in science, astronomy, technology, academia and futurism to ponder some of your most popular What If videos.

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Hosts: Richard Garner and Teddy Wilson
Voice of What If: Peter Schmiedchen
Executive producer: Steve Hulford
Supervising producer: Richard Garner
Producers: Ira Haberman and Stephen Henrik
Technical producers: Adam Karch and Antosia Fiedur
Channel supervisor: Raphael Faeh
Social media: Saida Mirzalimova
Research: Jay Moon
Trailer: Evan Yue
Artwork: Alex Griffith
Production: Underknown

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