What If you could live forever? Since the days of Ponce De Leon and the search for the Fountain of Youth, human beings have pursued longer lives, doing whatever they could to cheat time and extend their lives. Now, with genetic engineering/CRSPR technology etc. this is no longer a dream, it’s a reality. We are on the cusp of literally designing how we’ll evolve and how long we might live. The Author of “Hacking Darwin”, Jamie Metal joins Peter and Richard to discuss genetic engineering, designer babies, immortality and, no doubt, Gattaca. Google it.

Hosts: Peter Schmiedchen and Richard Garner
Executive producer: Steve Hulford
Supervising producer: Richard Garner
Producers: Demid Tumanov and Stephen Henrik
Channel supervisor: Raphael Faeh
Social media: Saida Mirzalimova
Research: Jay Moon
Trailer: Evan Yue
Artwork: Alex Griffith
Production: Underknown

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