Among Us is a video game that has been taken the world by storm. It’s one of the most-watched games on Twitch and YouTube. Even politicians are playing it.But what if instead of this game happening on our computer screens, it happened in real life? Which crewmates would be sus? What sort of tasks would you need to do? And could you survive until the end?

For the uninitiated, here is how “Among Us” works. The game can have up to ten players.The majority of them are known as crewmates. They spend their time trying to fix their failing spaceship. The rest are imposters or aliens. Their goal is to stop the crewmates from repairing the ship by any means necessary. That includes deception, murder, or just being really annoying.

The trick here is that the majority of the game is played without being able to communicate with the other players. The only time you’re able to talk is when a meeting is called. There you can discuss who you think the imposter might be and shove them out of the airlock.

If the imposter is a really good liar, you’re going to have a tough time. But if the crewmates manage to eject the imposters before it’s too late, then they win the game. And don’t forget anyone who is killed can always come back as a ghost. Now that we know more about how Among Us works, what would happen if it took place in real life?

Well, for this scenario, naturally, we’re going to have it take place on a spaceship. And what better spaceship than the International
Space Station. You and nine other crewmates are on board. You have to complete tasks on the ship, or everything goes wrong. The only problem here is that three of your other crewmates are secretly aliens. They’re going to do everything they can to prevent you from getting your job done.

Issues on the ISS are pretty common, and crew members often have to work together to repair them. On September 28th, 2020, three ISS members were woken by mission control after it was reported there was a leak on the ship. The three crew members all had to work together to identify the leak and then repair it.

This was an ongoing problem first discovered more than a year earlier. The crew had spent several weeks figuring out where the leak was coming from. So unlike “Among Us”, your tasks here wouldn’t be simple minigames where you’re connecting wires or destroying asteroids. This would require teamwork and some intricate mechanical engineering. And just like the game, let’s assume you’re wearing a spacesuit. And you’re unable to communicate with your crew.

Now you’re performing an incredibly complicated task, one that requires multiple people, and you’re unable to talk to anyone. What could possibly go wrong? Well, now that your crew is distracted by all these complex tasks, this would be the perfect opportunity for the impostors to cause some trouble. Now you wouldn’t know exactly what they’re doing but- (ALARM SOUND)”

Oh, sh*t (censored), a dead body has been reported. And of course, it was in electrical. It’s always electrical. Now, this is the only time you could talk to your crew, and it would be time to make some decisions. Who is the impostor? You saw that one guy who went toward electrical, but then you could’ve sworn he was helping you with the task. You were near the one dressed in blue for a bit, but he didn’t seem to do anything strange. Hmm, could it be?

But wait – as you’ve been thinking during this time, the entire crew has decided you must be the impostor. I guess that’s what you get for being so quiet. They’ve cast all their votes, and now you’ve been ejected into space. Instead of getting a harmless game over scene, this would mean imminent death for you. As soon as you’re kicked out of the ship, your lungs would expand and burst due to the loss of external pressure.

Your skin would balloon up from the water in your body. You’d also get a nasty sunburn from the radiation and then suffocate to death. Maybe if you had told the crewmates what you were doing, you would have had a better chance. Now that you’re a ghost and can get a better sense of what’s going on, you see that you were right. It was the blue guy.

And now he’s wiping out the rest of your crew. Oh boy. And after all of your crew is gone, the ISS would then be completely destroyed. Let’s hope that if aliens are among us, they’re pretty obvious, and we don’t have to worry about anyone being sus or not. But what if, instead of aliens looking like us, we were enslaved by them?

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What if 'Among Us' Happened in Real Life? « Among Us
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