Everyone once in awhile a game comes along that transcends genre, subjective preferences or styles and just blows us up in a way that takes it from “game” to “cultural phenomenon”. “Among Us” is that game. What about this relatively simple, low fi looking game has captured the hearts and minds of so many? And why now? Game Informer Liana Ruppert joins Peter and Richard to discuss and ponder the cultural and sociological reasons why “Among Us” is being played obsessively by millions and watched/streamed by billions and, most importantly, “What If Among Us was real?”

Hosts: Peter Schmiedchen and Richard Garner
Executive producer: Steve Hulford
Supervising producer: Richard Garner
Producers: Demid Tumanov and Stephen Henrik
Channel supervisor: Raphael Faeh
Social media: Saida Mirzalimova
Research: Jay Moon
Trailer: Evan Yue
Artwork: Alex Griffith
Production: Underknown

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