Are we alone in this universe? Is there intelligent life out there? Or are they living among us? Humans have wondered about aliens for centuries. But, have you ever thought about the most important question of them all?

Why would you want to eat an alien in the first place? Would it be unethical? And, would they be safe to eat?

You’ve embarked on a galactic journey in search of extraterrestrial life. In the future, technology has advanced, allowing us to travel thousands of light-years away. We can finally explore the faraway planets in our galaxy.

As you reach the first planet, your stomach rumbles in pain. You’ve been without food for days. The planet is barren and arid. There isn’t anything around to eat. Except for this guy, an alien greeting you at the entrance of your spaceship. Houston, we have a problem, and you’re going to kick our butts for this one.

There’s a lot that could go wrong if a human noshed an alien. First of all, what would an alien even taste like? Some scientists say that aliens could resemble cephalopods here on Earth. Namely squid, octopus, and cuttlefish.

Some theories claim that octopuses are aliens from outer space. So, your first encounter with an alien might look and taste a little more like this. Anyone up for some galactic seafood?

As you try to digest the alien, chances are you probably won’t be able to absorb many of the nutrients. Your body would have to be able to process the molecules that make up the alien.

This means the alien would have to have a carbon-based biochemistry like us. This would be unlikely for a lifeform from another planet. Oh, and there’s another thing you’d need to consider before chowing down. What does the alien eat?

Be careful if the alien hails from a planet like Mars. Mars has several factors that make it habitable for organisms. However, its soil is covered in chemicals toxic to humans.

Mars locals could thrive off the chemicals as an energy source. But if you ate an alien living on a toxic planet like Mars, you could be poisoning yourself in the process. But, what if the alien was carbon-based like us and lived in a non-toxic environment? Well, you’d probably be fine eating it.

Uh, but to tell you the truth, I feel a little bad eating E.T. here, don’t you? Eating aliens could provide us with significant nutrients, maybe even ones that we’re usually deficient in.

But, deciding whether or not to eat an alien could weigh heavily on your moral conscience. This would especially be the case if the alien was intelligent like animals here on Earth.

Maybe we’re better off looking for some plants somewhere else on the planet. But what if, instead of journeying in search of aliens, they have already found us? What if they’re watching us right now?

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