Millions of years ago, this giant sea scorpion terrorized the ocean. It was the apex predator of its time. So what if we brought it into the modern-day and had it fight another giant sea predator? The killer whale.

How would this giant scorpion compare to a killer whale? Would the killer whale’s intelligence factor into the battle? Or would the scorpion’s deadly claws give it the edge?

The killer whale, or orca, is one of the modern sea’s deadliest creatures. Weighing in at 5,500 kg (12,000 lbs) and 10 m (32 ft) long, this mammal can take on almost anything in the ocean. But don’t count out the giant scorpion just yet.

After all, the killer whale has never faced something like this before. It’s the largest scorpion ever and is bigger than humans at 2.5 meters (8 feet) in length. And the killer whale better watch out for the scorpion’s incredibly powerful claws.

Now, let’s begin the fight. The killer whale would start the battle off its game.

That’s because these creatures are used to hunting in packs and ganging up on their prey. But it eventually gains its bearing and is now ready to take on the scorpion. Since the orca is much bigger than the giant see scorpion, it looks like it’s trying its best to avoid the orca as much as possible.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for long, since the killer whale uses echolocation to understand its surroundings. This makes it virtually impossible for the sea scorpion to avoid the killer whale much longer. The orca searches around using its echolocation, and eventually spots the scorpion.

Now, the killer whale is approaching the scorpion at 55 km/h (34 mph). The orca approaches its opponent, and is violently jabbed at and sliced by the scorpions claws.

Since the sea scorpion wasn’t a very smart creature back in its day, it doesn’t know where to attack this massive beast. And because of that, the killer whale only gets a couple of scratches. But instead of continuing to fight, the whale goes up for air.

After the killer whale has gotten some air, it comes down for round two. It looks like the scorpion has hidden once again, but that won’t stop the orca.

It quickly uses it’s echolocation to spot the scorpion, and approaches its opponent once again. Since the orca is so well-known for using its brain for hunting, rather than brute strength, we know it’s learned from its previous battle with the sea scorpion.

The whale doesn’t hesistate and instantly bites the scorpion’s arms. After wrestling with it for a short time, the whale’s deadly jaws manage to snap off the scorpion’s arm.

Now the scorpion is left with just a single arm, and is severely battered and bruised. It attempts to attack with its good arm, but the whale smashes it down with its fin, and goes in for the final blow. So although this giant scorpion dominated the ocean millions of years ago, it looks like our modern-day apex predator is the ultimate victor.

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3 years ago

xD dumb sea scorpion lol