What if, instead of Trump or Biden becoming the next U.S. President, there was a third-party candidate? And that candidate was Elon Musk? What if Elon Musk became the United States president?

What would he do with all that power? How would it affect space travel? And how could this change the United States?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Obviously, Elon Musk can’t become president because he wasn’t born in the United States, which is one of the main requirements for the job. But let’s assume that the rules are different, and he could become president. What would happen then?

But first, why would Elon Musk even want to run for president? Well, maybe the companies that he runs might give us some insight. Musk is the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla.

SpaceX is trying to make space travel a real possibility for humans, and Tesla is trying to make electric cars as popular as possible. These companies have two things in common.

They aim to help humanity progress, and for the world to become a better place. And what better way to achieve these goals than to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world? And if Elon Musk did become president, the United States might become even more powerful.

The first thing that Musk would try to do as president is to stop burning fossil fuels. He’s been known to be against it, calling it the “”dumbest experiment in history.”” So maybe with him as president, America would become a more environmentally friendly country.

Solar energy could become more popular, and gas and diesel vehicles might slowly be phased out. We also know that Musk is incredibly passionate about scientific
research and artificial intelligence.

With him being President, these areas would get more resources and support. Government regulations and boards could be set up to oversee artificial intelligence and research. Musk believes that A.I. could be humanity’s most significant threat, so he would want his government to closely monitor any developments regarding the technology.

But that’s what might happen on Earth. Obviously, Musk is passionate about sending humans to space, and his company SpaceX is trying to do just that. But SpaceX wouldn’t be the only company involved in this endeavor.

If he were president, Musk would also likely try to increase NASA’s budget a lot. If successful, Musk would have more resources than ever to help humanity land on and populate Mars.

And this could lead to the United States eventually terraforming, and building entire civilizations, on the red planet. And who knows, maybe instead of being president of a single country, Musk could become the leader of an entire planet.

But that might not happen. Because if Mars did get to this stage, Musk thinks the best form of government for the planet would be a direct democracy. This means that instead of people voting for representatives, they’d vote directly on issues.

And if it were successful, and this is something Musk believes in, maybe the United States would become a direct democracy government. If Musk served two terms as president, who knows exactly where the country would be. But there’s a good chance it would be cleaner, more technologically advanced, and it’s likely we’d have landed on Mars.

Sure we may not have fully populated it yet, but with Musk as president, it’s almost certain the United States would be well on their way. Now, obviously, none of this is guaranteed to happen.

Even if Musk was set on accomplishing all these goals, there’s still a lot of red tape when it comes to government. The president doesn’t have the power to do whatever they want. Sure Elon Musk would have a lot of influence and decision-making power with how the country is run, but he probably wouldn’t get to do everything he wanted to.

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