It’s brain vs. brawns in the ultimate dinosaur showdown. In one corner, we have the giganotosaurus and in the other, the troodon. Although they lived in two completely separate eras, if these two creatures were to fight, who would win?

Which dinosaur would be the strongest? Who would have the best tactics? And would this be a fair fight?

Before we get to our fight, let’s look at the tale of the tape. The giganotosaurus is the brawn in this fight, it weighs in at over 12,000 kg (26,455 lbs) and 12.5 meters (41 ft) long. Even though this creature is massive, it can still run at 56 km/h (35 mph).

And next, we have our brains, the troodon. This dinosaur is tiny compared to its challenger. Weighing in at just 45 kg (100 lbs) and only 2 m (6.5 ft) in length. Despite the troodon having a massive size disadvantage, does it still stand a chance?

Being the brains of this battle, the troodon knows that it can’t pick a fair fight with the giganotosaurus. And as we can see, the troodon is beginning to stalk the giganotosaurus from afar. But the giganotosaurus is hunting for something to eat and is completely oblivious to its opponent.

Since the troodon is so light on its feet, it’s able to sneak up on the giganotosaurus and bite its heels. And now the giganotosaurus is toppling over. Since it’s so top-heavy, even the smallest nick to its lower body can be devastating.

Although it looks like the bite on its heel is just a small wound, the giganotosaurus is definitely stunned. The troodon is now circling its prey, getting ready to strike next, until it sees the giganotosaurus beginning to stand back up.

As the troodon knows it can’t go one-on-one against the giganotosaurus, it scurries away. Now the giganotosaurus knows it’s being hunted and is on the lookout for the troodon. The giganotosaurus spots its opponent and is charges at it. But the troodon starts to run away, and since both dinosaurs move at roughly the same speed, it’ll be a battle of endurance.

As the chase continues, it looks like both creatures are too exhausted to run. They finally stop and are head-to-head.

Now it’s time for round 2.

The troodon and the giganotosaurus are finally face-to-face. Naturally, being the bigger predator, the giganotosaurus makes the first move and tries to chomp the troodons head off. But being the more agile creature, the troodon is able to dodge this attack. Now the troodon is sweeping around the giganotosaurus and bites the dinosaur’s heel once again. Ouch! That’s got to hurt.

The giganotosaurus is down once again, this time with two bites on its ankles. It’s having a harder time getting up now, but wait–what’s that?” Oh my god! A pack of troodons are coming to help take down the giganotosaurus. This is because these creatures hunt in packs.

So instead of a one-on-one battle, this is now a handicap match. And now, the giganotosaurus is surrounded and stands no chance against the pack of troodons. The troodons are quickly picking away at the giganotosaurus and claiming their victory. Although the giganotosaurus was bigger and stronger, it stood no chance against the troodon’s impeccable strategy and agility.

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