One of the most popular “What If” videos with over 75 million views, “What If you fell into a pool of liquid nitrogen takes us through the fascinating and quirky world of of one the world’s most known but least understood substances: liquid nitrogen.

With the help of Bob McDonald, one of the world’s best science communicators and someone that’s had more than his fair share of liquid nitrogen related experiences, Teddy and Richard “dive into” and try to answer the question, “What If you fell into a pool of liquid nitrogen.” Spoiler Alert…they survive!

Join hosts Richard Garner and Teddy Wilson with some of the world’s top thinkers in science, astronomy, technology, academia and futurism to ponder some of your most popular What If videos.

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Hosts: Richard Garner and Teddy Wilson
Voice of What If: Peter Schmiedchen
Executive producer: Steve Hulford
Supervising producer: Richard Garner
Producers: Ira Haberman and Stephen Henrik
Technical producers: Adam Karch and Antosia Fiedur
Social media: Saida Mirzalimova
Research: Jay Moon
Trailer: Evan Yue
Artwork: Alex Griffith
Production: Underknown

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