Did you know that dinosaurs still walk the Earth? They may not look as intimidating as they used to, but they’re every bit as deadly. Their razor-sharp claws, impressive 1.8 meter (6 ft) frame, and terrible temper have earned them the title of the deadliest bird on Earth.

Today we’ll tell you why accidentally wandering into their territory could be the last thing you’d ever do.
So, cover your throat and vital organs because you’re about to go toe-to-claw with one of the last remaining dinosaur descendants.

Number 5: Powerful legs.

Cassowaries have incredibly strong legs that allow them to jump almost 2 m (7 ft) into the air, taking you down in under a second.They can also run at incredible speeds. Up to 50 km/h (30 mph). And they swim like pros, so you ‘d be no match for them in a race.

If you find yourself being chased by one, your best chance to survive is to climb a tree. Fortunately, they’re not very good at that.

Number 4: Razor-sharp claws

Look at these claws. They grow up to 12 cm (5 in), and combined with their mighty legs, these dagger-like claws are the deadliest weapon in the bird world. And you know, they’re there for a reason: to defend themselves from threats like… well, you.

Number 3: Moody

Cassowaries are extremely territorial. If you get lost and enter their area, they’ll immediately start chasing you away.They’re used to fending off dingoes and crocodiles, so your soft flesh will be a breeze for them to take down.

If you’re out hiking in Australia, New Guinea or Indonesia, follow designated trails and look for signs of cassowarys, like scratched trees and their huge, seedy droppings. If you come across footprints like these, you’ll be safer turning around and heading back to your camp.

Number 2: Bony Helmet

In addition to their powerful legs and huge sharp claws, these giant beasts have a bony helmet, called a “”casque”” that protects their brains. It can also be used as a weapon. When slashing with their claws is not enough, cassowaries ram into their opponents using their head, knocking them to the ground and ending the fight.

Number 1: Viciousness

Cassowaries have ferocious fighting techniques. A study published in the scientific journal “”Behaviour”” found that cassowaries fight by leaping and swiping at their opponents with their claws while in the air. They target vital areas, like the throat and also, you know, the soft areas in your, ehem, lower body.

You don’t want to start that fight, do you? Try to de-escalate. Don’t look it in the eye, and start backing away very slowly. If it attacks you, jump to the side, they can’t kick sideways. But be careful, if you fall, it’s over. It will slice you to pieces.

Ok, that was pure carnage, yet somehow you pulled it off. But don’t pop the champagne yet, mate, you’re not done with massive, muscular creatures.

Kanagaroos can chase you down at extreme speeds, and you know how scary they get when they have carrots, right? Oh, you don’t? Well, you better stick around for more How to Survive.

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