Not only will these little guys make your skin crawl, but they can also kill you. Some of them can burrow into your skin, and others can go a lot deeper. This isn’t a nightmare. This is real life. And if you don’t pay attention, it could all be over soon.

We all have different ideas of what’s gross. While that big hairy spider might be repulsive to you, it could be a cute pet to someone else. But today, we are going to look at five creatures that we can all agree are absolutely disgusting. This video will not be for the faint of heart, but it could save your life. Which creature is known for swimming into penises? How could a fly lay eggs under your skin? And how can nail polish protect you?

Number 5. Leeches

Any creature that will suck your blood is disgusting to me. And leeches are no exception. These slimy worms have three razor-sharp jaws that can clamp onto your body. They then suck out your blood while releasing saliva that helps the blood flow and prevents clotting.

You’re not their preferred food source. But that doesn’t mean leeches won’t partake if they see a chance.
They will try to nestle into a crevice in your body, like your groin, armpit or between your toes. Or one might even try to get inside your nose, into your mouth or in your ear.

They usually live in water and can sense if you disturb it. They will look for movement before attaching themselves to you. If a leech has leeched on, don’t pour salt or vinegar on them. Use your fingernail or a credit card, and slide it under the leech toward its mouth. Don’t pull the leech. Instead, push it sideways. This reduces the damage to your skin. Wash the bite, and keep it clean to avoid infection.

Number 4. Giant Centipede

These large, multi-legged creatures can be aggressive. They will bite if you pick them up or step on them. And the larger one is, the more venom it will deliver. If you get bitten, you’ll feel pain immediately. You’ll also suffer from swelling and redness. You could have a severe allergic reaction to the venom with fever, nausea and itching. You could even have a heart attack and die.

Apply heat to the bite as quickly as you can. Soak the wound into hot water to dilute the venom. Then use an ice pack to reduce swelling. Take an antihistamine or anti-inflammatory drug to reduce the pain. And watch for any allergic reactions. You may need medical help. If the wound hasn’t improved in a few days, consult a doctor.

Number 3. Candiru

This parasitic, translucent, eel-like fish can sneak up on you without being seen. Legend has it that it can swim up a man’s penis, lodge itself in the urinary tract and feed on blood. But there is no truth to that tale.
However, it will latch onto you wherever it can.

If you’re in muddy or turbulent waters, there could be thousands of them around you but you wouldn’t know it.
To avoid an attack, wear a swimsuit. A full-body suit would be best. The less skin you expose, the fewer spots candiru can latch on to. If you find one on you, don’t panic. Evidence suggests that once it has fed on you for a few seconds, it will detach itself and swim away.

If you’d rather not wait, you can pull it off without any further damage. You could also try using an acidic solution like lemon juice, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. It might stress the candiru and cause it to let go.
Clean and disinfect your wound, then cover it. You may want to seek medical attention to make sure there is no infection.

Number 2. Botfly

If you find yourself infested with botflies, don’t kill the larvae before removing or squeezing them out. Rupturing the larvae’s body could cause anaphylactic shock and make it tougher to remove these little pests.
Although most botfly infestations happen in Central and South America, they can occur as far north as the United States.

Botflies use mosquitoes to transmit their eggs. They lay their eggs on mosquitoes, and if one stings you it’ll transfer the botfly larvae into your skin. The bite will be red, swollen and itchy. Pus will ooze from the wound, and it wil feel like something is moving under your skin. That’s because there is. There’s a couple of ways to remove botflies. You could use a topical anesthetic, enlarge the wound and use forceps to remove the larvae. Or you could spread petroleum jelly or nail polish on your skin to suffocate the larvae, then remove the pests.

Number 1. Tapeworm

Botflies squirm underneath your skin, but tapeworms live far deeper inside you. You can get infected with tapeworms by eating raw pork, beef or fish, being exposed to livestock or from poor hygiene. If you get infected, you will have diarrhea, abdominal pain and weight loss.

You could also have insomnia, headaches and seizures. This means the tapeworm has infested your nervous system.
You’ll need to go to a hospital right away or you could suffer permanent damage. You can help prevent infestation through diet.

Eating raw garlic, pumpkin seeds and pomegranates has killed parasites. Eating more fiber can help get rid of worms, and probiotics can keep your digestive tract healthy. Zinc and vitamin C both support your immune system.

Alright, who else could use a break from these disgusting creatures? Maybe we should spend some time looking at pets instead. But don’t get too comfortable, because some pets can turn on you in an instant.

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