“What Is Real?” Many remember the now famous quote from Lawrence Fishburne’s character “Morpheus” in the smash hit phenomenon “The Matrix” to the Keanu Reeves’ character NEO when pondering whether they might be living in a computer simulation.

But “simulation theory” is no longer just the stuff of science fiction. It has become all the rage of the world’s top technology minds across Silicon Valley, including most famously Elon Musk who has proposed this as a very real…and likely possibility.

But when Musk talks about this subject, he cites Swedish Philosopher, Oxford professor and the world’s leading expert on simulation theory, Nick Bostrom. Nick joins “What IF Discussed” today as we all take the red pill and go for a mind blowing journey of pondering “what If we are living in a simulation.”

Join hosts Richard Garner and Teddy Wilson with some of the world’s top thinkers in science, astronomy, technology, academia and futurism to ponder some of your most popular What If videos.

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Hosts: Richard Garner and Teddy Wilson
Voice of What If: Peter Schmiedchen
Executive producer: Steve Hulford
Supervising producer: Richard Garner
Producers: Ira Haberman and Stephen Henrik
Technical producers: Adam Karch and Antosia Fiedur
Social media: Saida Mirzalimova
Research: Jay Moon
Trailer: Evan Yue
Artwork: Alex Griffith

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